Purchase terms and conditions


 These general conditions of sale are applied to any order sent on the www.PerCeramica.it site and through links, banners or other hypertext links.

The “Order Confirmation” by the buyer implies the unconditional acceptance of these general conditions of sale which prevail over all previous or specific versions generated by the buyer, including the exchange of e-mail.

    – Order Summary
    Check the summary of your order and proceed to the type of payment you prefer.
    Payment by Credit Card or Bank Transfer
    In the event that the requested transaction is made by credit card and has been authorized by its secure service, the order is processed on the working day following the day on which the payment was successful. The system uses encrypted mechanisms, all the information provided by your credit card will not be seen by our PerCeramica company as they travel on their secure server. The offers of the products, presented on this E-Commerce Site, are valid within the limits of the available stocks at our office and subjected to availability with our suppliers. If the transaction is made by bank transfer, the order will remain suspended until the payment has been recorded on our bank account. The products are presented as precisely as possible. The price and availability of each unit that can be purchased is indicated for each product in the electronic catalog called the E-Commerce section.
    PerCeramica reserves the right to reconfirm the availability of the items purchased because if for some reason the order could not be processed as requested, it will be our duty to notify you promptly. PerCeramica reserves the right to refuse orders / services at any time and from anyone. The order will remain blocked for the buyer from the moment of the “Confirmation of the order”. If after 4 days from the moment the order is received, PerCeramica will not receive payment, the order is considered canceled.
     The prices of the Products on this E-commerce are finished and indicated in euros.
    The cost of transport will be calculated automatically based on the weight of the items that compose the order and the destination location, while for items with bulky dimensions it will be our duty to make you have the cost from time to time as quickly as possible. In any case, the amount of shipping costs will be reported in the final summary, BEFORE the actual conclusion of the purchase procedure.
    PerCeramica does not assume any responsibility for the disservices attributable due to force majeure and other events that prevented, in whole or in part, from executing the contract within the agreed times. PerCeramica will not be responsible for any damages, losses and / or costs incurred as a result of the non-execution of the contract for the reasons mentioned above, the consumer will only be entitled to a refund of the price paid. PerCeramica is not responsible for any fraudulent or illegal use of credit cards, checks and other means of payment. PerCeramica in fact, as already mentioned above, at no time during the purchase procedure is it able to know the credit card number of the consumer who, through a secure connection, is transmitted directly to the service manager.

Without prejudice to the general maximum limit imposed by art. 6 of Legislative Decree N°185/1999, the ordered goods will be delivered to the consumer possibly within 4 working days from the day following the receipt of the payment of the goods, without any delays that may constitute grounds for withdrawal from the contract or do derive right to compensation, except as provided by the aforementioned art. 6 of Legislative Decree N°185/1999. With the publication of the wording “Delivered in 2-3 days” PerCeramica gives the availability of those products that are listed in its online electronic catalog at the time of publication of the same are found in its warehouses. If the availability of all the products ordered is immediate, as soon as PerCeramica receives from the customer the amount of the order including shipping costs, the goods will be taken over by the express courier and within 2-3 working days will be delivered to the address indicated in the order. In the event that one or more products of the order are not immediately available, even if welded, it will be processed when all the goods are available. However, PerCeramica will be responsible for informing the customer of any delays in delivery times. In any case, PerCeramica is not able to guarantee that any reordering of sold out lots can be processed, in which case it will notify the consumer and refund the sums if already paid, in the forms and with the methods referred to in art. 6 n.2 of Legislative Decree N°185/1999.Home delivery will take place with Express Courier and availability and the possibility of being able to arrive by articulated car or truck with hydraulic lift, if the courier is unable to complete it for this cause, the customer must pay PerCeramica each expense incurred in order to return in addition to the costs incurred for the return of the goods shipped.

  • RECEPTION AND CLAIMS AND RETURNS Upon arrival of the goods, the buyer is asked to carefully inspect before affixing his signature, to detect any failures, missing packages, defects, apparent defects or non-conformities of the products delivered with his order. The purchaser must verify in the present case that the number of packages corresponds to that indicated on the delivery note and the condition of the packaging which must be intact and not tampered with, if one of these conditions persists, it is required to prove their condition by means of a photograph and indicate the inconvenience on the carrier’s document. If for any reason the customer refuses delivery of the shipment or requests a return to the sender, any shipping costs charged to our company will be deducted from any refund due to the customer.The customer has the right to withdraw from the contract with PerCeramica, the Consumer is requested to return the goods or to deliver them to our headquarters in Sassuolo (MO), without undue delay and in any case within 14 days from the day on which he communicated the its withdrawal. The deadline is met if the Consumer ships the goods before the expiry of the 14 days. The return must be made according to the current laws on online commerce. The shipping costs for the return are charged to the customer, the products must not have been damaged and properly re-packed to carry out the return transport. The risk of loss of the good is subject to the full responsibility of the Consumer, up to the certificate of receipt of the good at our warehouse whether it is shipping or in the event that the good is damaged for reasons other than its transport.. The right of withdrawal is excluded from the law on products tailored specifically for the customer such as skirting boards, steps etc …This right is reserved exclusively to natural persons (final consumers), therefore it cannot be exercised by legal persons and by natural persons acting for purposes related to any professional activity they may carry out. The right of withdrawal is lost if the returned product is not intact in its entirety and perfectly suitable for the use for which it is intended; lack of the original packaging or inconsistent packaging; the product has been installed; damage to the product for reasons other than transport; at the time of return, the product must be returned as received by the Consumer upon delivery.
  • DISPUTE RESOLUTION AND PROPERTY LAW – COPYRIGHT The general purchasing conditions are governed by the law of the State in which PerCeramica is therefore based in Italy, for any dispute the competent court will be exclusively the Judicial Authority of Modena, the contracts and disputes between PerCeramica and its customers will take place in foreign languages Italian. It is strictly forbidden except with the express written consent of PerCeramica to publish or redistribute to third parties for commercial purposes all the contents of www.PerCeramica.it