About us

From the experience handed down by the great-grandfather, grandfather and father we have arrived at the 4th generation of ceramic tile marketing activities in Italy, now with the intent to renew itself and to reach even more distant markets with globalization, we are pleased to present the birth of the new “PerCeramica” E-commerce.

Thanks to the large storage available to us, made up of quality products made in Italy, we have embarked on a new path in online sales of the best brands in the ceramic district, where we have many occasional products aimed at the selling to both individuals and wholesale.

Our company will guarantee you experience, wide availability, professionalism, friendliness, excellent prices and fast delivery times throughout the national and European territory.

In addition to the normal marketing of our products, we can carry out tailor-made ceramic only with a  preventive request and a minimum quantity of material for:
Ste trade, L shape piece or ceramic skirting tiles

These customizations are performed on our products presented online or items in your possession.